Second Single "Don't" now AVAILABLE

The first single from her album "The Artist" was released in October 2020. "Young, wild and free" describes the mentality of her generation with its freedom and all its challenges. The indie-pop song combines the singer-songwriter genre in which Felizia has her origin with elements of pop. Including a music video you can find "Young, wild and free" on all streaming platforms.


Now Felizia is going to release her second single "Don't" including a music video. Groovy, retro and for everybody. That's what "Don't" is supposed to be. Play now!



Felizia’s musical journey begins as a teenager but takes a twist in far away Kyrgyzstan that changes everything from then on. She just finished her studies in journalism in Magdeburg, Germany and left for a trip across Central Asia before she would start a new chapter with her return. But as usual things don’t come as planned: After months on the road she misses singing so much that she buys a guitar on a bazar in Bishkek. She starts to play and sing at any possible place. At hostels, in the streets, in deep canyons in front of her tent, in the car. Another traveller sees her and contacts the viennese producer Edaniel Madera who offers to produce her debut album. 


Eventually the journey doesn’t go back to Germany but further on to Austria where she is living since the beginning of 2020 and hardly working on her music.

Her sound has influences of Folk, Pop and Indie. It keeps the spirit of older decades like the 70ies and 80ies and understands the power of modern pop elements. Not at last, it is diverse songwriting and her extraordinary feeling for finding the right words. Her remarkable, deep voice keeps the listener fascinated and invites to a dreamy world. The lyrics: authentic and honest and yet full of idealistic and even romantic memories. Stories about all-times stuff like hard times or broken relationships but also the mindset of her young-wild-and-free-generation she grew-up in that brings a lot of freedom but also great challenges. A mix of sober and yet dreamy views on life and never without the touch of a liberated and confident woman.



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